Regrets After Early Retirement

Not felt, already a month I resigned from the office where I work and become a full-time entrepreneur. Exactly 1 July last is my last day working as an employee (full story can be read here, Today I Retire Early). Thank you very much for speech, attention, and prayers were delivered the other day when I resigned. I try to include here some of which I managed to collect.

There is actually a thing that I regret the time resign at that date. Ie I can not get my THR rights for the year 2011. I recently found out that the Department of Labour regulations, eligibility for THR is still listed as an employee at least 30 days before the feast. So if I just backed into August 1st time resign, then I will still get the THR. Yaa already lah .. diikhlaskan sajaah .. tuh be tolerable when additional 1 month salary

I'm trying to think positive, hopefully in a month's time, in my efforts will be met with the opportunities and the chance of greater value than the THR me.

And it turned out to be true. In this month comes many opportunities for cooperation, as well as strategies and maneuvers that successfully carried out in our company. And certainly face value far greater than the THR me Alhamdulillah.

But there was one thing I had not expected this month after undergoing activities as an entrepreneur, is 
 I feel remorse. Sorry had to retire early. Really sorry. Regretfully, kenapaaa not from the first .. hehe.

A lot of things I can not do, now I can do. I feel the most immediate is, I can set the time more flexible. Could come more slowly to the office and go home sooner. So I still had time to take off the kids when they were picked up by the school car pool. Or if needed, could return more quickly for the purposes of "essential", such as watching Harry Potter Friday with my wife .. hehe.

Alayka my first daughter was 6.5 years of protest, "said Mr. ga going into the offices again, I still to work well?". I carefully explained, means "ga to the office" it is not to the office in Jakarta as an employee. If present, fixed to the office, but as that has an office. Besides office near home

The other is the working clothes. I worked for a dozen years, the clothes I wear is long sleeve formal shirts (sometimes short) and slacks. Now could be more relaxed, t-shirt and jeans or cargo pants

Can also healthier, because now the office commute bike ride. My home office is about 20 minutes cycling. Not bad could 40 minutes exercise bike commute

I'm grateful too, I could have more time to do my hobby. Especially hobby that was "in-anaktiri-right", like writing. Proven in a month I could post five posts in my blog. That much amount equal to the amount of writing that I post for a year yesterday .. hehe.

And that makes life more happy is, I no longer have to experience traffic congestion in Jakarta. Oh beautiful ... ah .. I want the proposal to the "experts" of his Jakarta, an effective solution to overcome traffic jam is open own business or work close to where we live, so it does not need to invade the urban capital .. hehe.

And this I am most grateful, no longer overcrowded train ride "Commuter Line" PT KAI (formerly "Express Train") .. hehe. No more need to swelter in the train AC AC sometimes it dies. No more need to grumble, grumble and goiter due to schedule trains delayed due to a strike or disruption of economic signaling, interference money order, or electrical disturbances, and others. Ahh .. happy ..

Maybe people will say, I'm in euphoria due to enter into a new state. It could also be hell. But after nearly 15 years of work as an employee, I think it should be dong a bit of fun with this new status

But actually, for me early retirement is not an end. But it's a start. Door to dream bigger. Not for inattentive, careless and styles. But for a more optimal work for others and the universe.